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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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right now it is just a maddening situation. i will tell you this, john and kiran. having seen a lot of this kind of thing, it is a simple idea but i think if they can just get the federal authorities and bp to look at this, this will not only help immensely here but this vessel might become a standard rescue vessel we see in all sorts of the we lantlands w in the future. it can generally make a difference. >> lot of great ideas out there. tom, thanks so much. >> thanks, tom. we invite you to continue the discussion on our website. that will do it for us. >> the news continues with kiran phillips in "the cnn newsroom." >> i'm kiran phillips. truman/mcarthur moment will play out over the next few hours.
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thanks to a "rolling stone" article rocked the highest levels of power. fires burning wild out west. hundreds of people wondering if they can go home today. it looks like bp's ceo is getting his life back. a new corporate face to the gulf oil crisis. we begin with breaking news that could change the course of the war in afghanistan. all because of top brass with loose lips. the top u.s. commander there is reportedly ready to hand in his resignation over some big-mouth comments from his camp. general mcchrystal arriving at the pentagon for a high-level meeting. that's just a precursor to the main event. he has been summoned to the white house where he will come face-to-face with his commander in chief, president barack ob a obama. it is all about because of this. a "rolling stone" profile. all sorts of insults in black and white. an adviser to mcchrystal calls
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joe biden "bite me." an aide calls national security adviser jim jones "a clown." but wait. there's more. those loose lips may now sink the general leading the fight in afghanistan. pentagon correspondent barbara starr with more on this stunner of a story. barbara, is he at the pentagon yet? and is he meeting with the sec? >> we did see general mcchrystal at n the hallways of the pentagon deep in conversation with admiral mike mullen. they are going to meet with defense secretary robert gates this morning before everyone heads over to the white house for that meeting. by all accounts, still, the decision rest was president obama. does he have the trust and confidence in general mcchrystal to allow him to continue to command the war or is this a fatal mistake and will he be replaced? nobody knows the answer. >> general, if mcchrystal leaves, president obama lose it
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is man who is supposed to carry out an n a very intense battle plan in afghanistan. >> absolutely. one of the authors of the plan. general mcchrystal helped develop this strategy. bought into it. worked it through washington to sell that plan that it would work. we would go from counterterrorism fight counterinsurgency fight. his challenge continues to be how he takes the big conventional force come to him with years of experience and fighting in iraq and get it turned to a counterinsurgency fight. that's a significant challenge the general is facing on any day in iraq in afghanistan considering the complexity of that terrain and the government and the politics associated with it. the multiple bosses he had. i'm sure many given day with somebody said the bosses call it he was saying which one. >> let's talk about the article. freelance reporter for "rolling stone" magazine and how he may
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be responsible for changing the course of this war and here's what he had to say. >> what they were saying to that is that -- critical of many of the policymakers. trying to figure out am i -- they are trying to putt how am i trying to be as fair as possible. why are they saying things in front of me. just bad judgment? are they trying to get a message out to shake things up? >> general, a lot of people not sure what to make of this reporter. you know, when you are embedded as a reporter, you are exposed to everything. i was imbedded with you during katrina. you can make a choice of what to reveal and not to reveal. this reporter, obviously, decided to print off-the-cuff remarks, gossip, personal thoughts, that were happening in the moment. these were not scathing comments about how the general was
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conducting his balance plan or purposely disobeying the president's orders. so do you think that this article should bring down mcchrystal? is it fair? >> this series of bad choices here. bad choice to speak openly in front of a reporter. he has to remember when you get a report in, i'm sure stan understands that clearly now, this report, report what you hear. he's on a list to win a pulitzer prize. this guy may win it breaking this story. you have to have a relationship. the bad mistake is allowing the staff to openly vent in barroom talk in front of the reporter who then takes it and puts it on the record. you know, this team of rivals i'm not quite sure if it is a real team, there are issues p w the strategy. it is a tough war. this general has been at war consistently for almost four years. fighting some very, very special
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observations which you go on. now watching it from a computer screen and in a battle center. he is wedded to win thing war and this is a conflict going on about this t strategy and timeline. this open talk, this open mike, reveals it may bring the general down. no good choices here today. >> so -- bash remarks you have been imbedded p times. how do you decide what what to say and what not to say when you are privy to off-the-cuff remarks? >> i want to tell you our pentagon producer is now telling me that the meeting between general mcchrystal and admiral mullen and defense secretary robert gates has happened. it happened at 8:30 this morning. we do not know the results of that. this could signal a possible acceleration in today's schedule of events. we will keep on it and get back to you. let me turn back to the question of embedding. look, no one is saying that -- in any position of authority
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that this is in news media's fault. let's make it very clear to our viewers what happens when a reporter goes with a general or the military on the road anywhere, you and i both know this, you know it very well, everybody sits down and talks about the ground rules. how will we know when things are off the record? we don't report that. when it is reportable and when it is on the record. all of this is discussed and agreed to. there is no suggestion by general mcchrystal that the rules were violated. that this was somehow off-the-cuff locker room chat which we all hear on the road that was not men to be reported. i have to say that even if it is off the record, it is extraordinary to hear military officers speak disparagingly of the president of the united states. i don't think that personally i have ever heard the types of remarks that we heard about the president in this article. voiced by anyone in the u.s. military. they just don't do it.
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so it is not clear to me at all that there were any rules violated here. the question is one of judgment and on the part of general mcchrystal and judgment on the part of his staff. >> general, final question. if we lose mcchrystal as the man that's lead thing war effort, what does it mean for afghanistan? and how effective the war is going to be? >> throughout our history, we have lost generals through combat and through accidents, you name it. one thing a general will always remember is the graveyard is full of indispensable generals. you can always be replaced. >> that's a tough way to go down if indeed that happens. that's for sure. barbara starr, russell honore, thank you so much. if general mcchrystal does step down or is ousted, the white house has reportedly asked the pentagon to put together a list of replacements. here's some of the contenders right now for his job. marine general james mattis,
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commander of joint forces in norfolk, virginia. he has command, combat experience in iraq and afghanistan. just last week, he was passed over commander of the marine corps. marine lieutenant act john allen. the deputy centcom commander under petraeus. allen commanded the second marine expeditionary brigade in iraq. general rodriguez, mcchrystal's number two. he was sent to afghan to manage the war day to day. rodriguez earlier served as a top military aide to defense secretary robert gates. there's army general martin dempsey as well. commander of army training and dock t doctoring command. james stavridis. top nato commander in europe. keep it here. we will be following that story all day long. coming up at the bottom of the hour, getting reaction from the white house ahead of today's big face-to-face. in the next hour, we are diving
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deeper into how this will affect morale among u.s. troops in afghanistan. let's head to the oil disaster in the gulf. day 65 and bp's operation to stop the gusher is under new management. tony hayward out. bp's bob dudley in. meantime the u.s. government wages its own battle to keep the six-month moratorium on de deepwater drilling in place. the white house is vowing to appeal a federal judge's ruling overturning the moratorium. interior secretary salazar says the moratorium is needed and within the federal government's authority. both republican louisiana governor bobby jindal and democratic usa senator mary landrieu are opposed. they claim that it will harm the region's already devastated economy. meantime, bp says that it collected 25,830 barrels of oil during a 24-hour period tuesday. the largest one-day total to date. another word of caution about that oil in the gulf.
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apparently there's oil in the water you can't see. researchers at the you don't know of west florida say the samples taken from waters near pensacola in recent weeks tested positive for dissolved oil. >> these are molecules in the water and you cannot see them. we used a lot of dispersants on the oil spill and some of the oil will just naturally dissolve into the water. so we don't know how much of that there is. we suspect there is a lot. >> researchers say it is not known if the dissolved oil poses any danger to anybody. there are currently -- there are currently none in place in that area. south carolina republicans have their first ever woman nominee for governor. the real buzz at the victory party may have been about mark and jenny sanford. plus, hundreds of folks in arizona forced to take cover from a massive wildfire could head back home today. we will have the latest from flagstaff. down the hill?
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voters kicking out another incumbent and making history. we have the results of two big republican runoffs in south carolina. first, challenger trey gowdy. tim scott grabbed the gop nomination for another house hit. if scott wins in november he will become the first black republican to be elected to congress from south carolina in a century. another political first in the
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pal m palmetto state, the first woman governor. nikki halle had to bust through allegations of infidelity and ethnic slur. jim acosta joins us live from columbia, south carolina, with the story. hey, jim. >> reporter: good morning. folks down here are asking whether or not this is the new south carolina after nikki haley, a little known state lawmaker, six months ago trounced the republican establishment, good old boy network in this state and destroy her challenger in the runoff for the nomination for governor. she won with 65% of the vote. when you consider the fact she had just 7% of the vote, she was in the single dij whits all of this got started, it was quite an accomplishment and at her victory party last night, haley, who has faced a slew of allegations about her personal life and also personal attacks,
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she said that this race, because of her conservative principles, has national implications. >> this is great night. but this is great night for a lot of reasons. this is a great night for the thousands of people across this state who believed in this underdog campaign and the message of reform. this is a great night for the republican party who is getting behind the people of -- that have said we want a conservative government and we want a government that's accountable to the people. but this is a really great night because south carolina just showed the rest of the country what we are made of. >> reporter: that was sort of a veiled reference to everything she had to go through in this nomination fight. she denied all of those allegations against her.
9:18 am
they were never substantiated. and she was able to win big and part of that was due to the endorse many. she had the endorse many of mitt romney, sarah palin. also, mark sanford, the current sitting governor of south carolina, who had a sex scandal of his own that nearly brought him down. but he stuck through all of the controversy down here. i asked him about whether or not folks in this state are just sick and tired of hearing about the personal lives of their politicians. here is what he had to say. >> what i would say is that the ideas matter in the world of politics. regardless of the attacks, regardless of the innuendos and different things, she continued to talk about were a set of ideas that resonated with people. >> reporter: mark sanford was at nikki haley's last might and was no the only one. jenny sanford, mark sanford's ex-wife, was also at the party last night. they did keep their distance most of the time. >> you bring up ain'ting point. most of the time.
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i have to say, love is a battlefield, isn't it, jim acosta? >> reporter: yes. >> yes. that was the moment that we are talking about. the kiss. it was like -- oh, hi, honey. great to see you, kiss. yeah. hit the road, jack. >> reporter: little like -- yeah. it was not well received. i have to say shortly after that kiss, jenny sanford did leave the event. so, you know, this is a difficult tense relationship. the state of south carolina still lists jenny sanford on its website as the first lady of the state. although, you know, for all inzpents purposes, she's not. this is what folks in the state would like to see move on and hoping nikki haley can do that. republicans are awfully confident about this upcoming general election season down here in south carolina. take a look at this. republican activists nikki haley's victory party last night, handing out these t-shirts. does this look familiar to you? the greene family reunion
9:20 am
t-shirt. that's right. the t-shirt worn by alvin greene. on the back of the shirt, alvin for senate. republicans feeling very confident about their prospects this fall. they are making light of this very little known democratic contender who is vying for jim demint's senate seat. >> a lot of mystery around that event. i have to tell you. then again, everyone must -- >> reporter: never a dull moment. >> exactly. south carolina is full of that. jim acosta, thanks so much. straight ahead, hundreds of people in arizona right now forced to take cover from a massive wildfire could head back home today. we will have the latest from flagstaff.
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checking the top stories. general stanley mcchrystal scheduled to meet with president obama at 9:45 eastern. mcchrystal already met with defense secretary bob gates. pentagon sources say that the general will likely resign for magazine article in which he and his top aides were critical of the obama administration. the white house has asked the pentagon to make a list of possible replacements. bp appoints the new man to head gulf coast restoration. it is bob dudley. he takes over immediately. reports to ceo tony hayward.
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still waiting any moment now for general stanley mcchrystal to arrive at the white house for his one-on-one with the president of the united states. since the scathing "rolling stone" article -- news of that article came out yesterday. eager to see how that conversation is going to go and if indeed the general, main general in afghanistan will keep his job. today may be homecoming day for hundreds of residents forced out bay wildfire raging near flagstaff, arizona. the three-day old blaze soar muched 14,000 acres. it may have helped some of those 800 firefighters battling that
9:25 am
blaze right now. so far, we are told it is only 20% contained. many residents have found temporary shelter at a middle school in flagstaff. >> rural residents really like our lifestyle. we like being out. we like roughing it a little bit. we like our animals a lot. and we like our wide-open spaces. and love the forest. and the saddest thing about this fire is that -- the forest from this view will never be the same. >> governor jan brewer says she will seek fema grants to help pay for the massive firefighting efforts. i know you will talk about the 51 reports of tornadoes overnight. oh, my gosh. midwest. but you want to start with fires first? >> there was no containment, no word of con tan entertainment a day or two ago. now 20%. >> which is good progress. the problem is -- >> stay with me for a minute. reynolds, don't go away.
9:26 am
just to bring our viewers up to date here. this is what will be happening in the next cull of hours. we are basically -- we have live cameras up around the white house. a number of different locations. and we are trying to figure out exactly where general stanley mcchrystal is going to enter in from. we are not quite sure. this is one of our stakeout positions. why are we paying attention to this? all of us are eager to know. whether the main man in afghanistan will be able to keep his job or not. we have been talking about the "rolling stone" magazine out. scathing remarks. loose lips, basically, from his various advisers and aides within his champ about the president of the united states. and about other leaders within our government. and we all want to know what's going to happen. he's already been to the pentagon and met with the secretary of defense. he's met with chairman of the joint chiefs. so as soon as he does arrive and
9:27 am
it doesn't look like this is him but we are monitoring this live picture for you. as soon as he does arrive, we will be able to give you first-hand word and hopefully not long after that find out if -- how that conversation went between the president and general stanley mcchrystal and if, indeed, he's going to keep his job. all right. reynolds, thanks for rolling with me there. this going to be nonstop throughout the next couple of hours. >> we are the world's news leader. breaking news. >> on top of that. by the way, here is the article. runaway general that's -- coming out in "rolling stone." set to release friday. is that right? coming out friday. we will work on confirming that. it was released early. hearing about it, scathing. while we are following that, you are also following the reports of tornadoes in the midwest and, of course, arizona and wildfire spread. >> the winds will pick up today.
9:28 am
in southern california, dry and windy, not a good thing. speed of winds, stronger winds across parts of midwest. 51 reports of tornadoes. 11 states in two days. six days in a row the rough stuff. we will walk over to the weather wall and show you the latest action. we will put this into motion and here we go. right to the great lakes. hard to miss. everything lit up like a christmas tree driving west to east across the great lakes. already through parts of milwaukee, southward, chicago. we go along the expressway. rain coming down. we can expect heavier activity, detroit, within the coming hours. the reason why we are seeing this is simple. we have plenty of heat which makes for a very unstable at months fear. that's only part of the story. the second part part of the story we are dealing with is we have an area of low pressure and frontal boundary you can see set up right over parts of the great lakes. by late afternoon, i would say between the hours of, say, 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. early evening, that's where things can come down like a big hammer. we could see strong storms across parts of the great lakes. and the ohio valley also.
9:29 am
portions of the southern and central plains by late in the day. one good thing we have in our favor in terms of the heat, well, thing will be a little cooler along parts of the gulf coast. we have had highs that have been in the upper 90s. for new orleans, looks like 87 degrees expected high. few showers along the coast now. cool things down. also increase the humidity levels. a little bit of tradeoff there. 105 in phoenix. 75 in los angeles. 75 in seattle. 84 degrees in new york. washington, d.c., things certainly hot enough on a day like today, 94 degrees. expected high, high humidity off the potomac. that's the latest. >> appreciate it. thanks so much, reynolds. looks like we won't have the tony hayward to kick around anymore. bp has a new point man to handle the gulf oil crisis. the ceo may be getting his life back after all. okay, one more time. where do we stand?
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wall street paying close attention to the economy today. new housing report comes out at the top of the hour. later today, the federal reserve decides on interest rates. preview of all of the action. hey, alison. >> you know, wall street hasn't been able to pull off a win so far this week. we are seeing stocks at least in the dow industrials open to the positive. however, yesterday we saw stocks jump out of the gate. strong start but ending lower. the reports you mentioned will come into play as far as moving the markets. we are expecting the federal reserve to hold key interest rate near zero. the dow industrials up about five and losing steam. nasdaq down 30. could be a crazy volatile days. >> sounds good, alison. thanks. half past the hour.
9:34 am
general mcchrystal still the top commander of the afghan war. but the day is young. the general meets with the commander in chief in 15 minutes. looking i have a at live pictures from the white house. potential truman macarthur moment of our time. we will astound out if president obama accepts or rejects mcchrystal's offer to resign. portrayed as disrespectful of top civilians at the white house. the general was at the pentagon earlier today. he met with the defense secretary robert gates and the chair of the joint chiefs of staff. admiral mike mullen. the big meeting in the oval office comes next. after that, assuming the general still has a job, in the situation room for a meeting. that meeting will be interesting, no doubt. some of the team members were among the dissed in the article, by the way. like the vice president and also national security adviser jim
9:35 am
jones. he was called a clown. also richard holbrooke, special representative for afghan and pakistan. karl eikenberry. ambassador to afghanistan >> white house asked the pentagon to make a list of possible replacements for mcchrystal. let's check in with cnn white house correspondent suzanne malveaux. the white house has already asked for a list of replacements. and we have actually named handful of those individuals. do you want to go ahead and lay out what you are hearing thus far? >> reporter: what's happening here at the white house is really everybody is looking to those entrances. all of our cameras are train order several entrances in the white house to see when general mcchrystal will arrive. we have been told that this meeting will take place at 9:45 between the president and general mcchrystal in the oval office. we have not seen the general yet. we are awaiting his arrival. what was interesting this morning, the fact that a senior administration official told me that the white house has
9:36 am
requested a list of potential replacements for mcchrystal in case the president decides that he will fire him because the president is very much prepared to do that. of course, it is his decision. a lot is going to depend what happens inside that room in the oval office. but today make month mistake, this is a game changer. this is decision time. the president's -- the rest of his schedule, very much packed with a series of meetings with secretary clinton, secretary gates. there's going to be a lot of followup discussion. you mentioned before whether or not he keeps his job and whether or not he will move on to that meeting in the situation room. it is our understanding that either way, he's going to be in the situation room to answer to some of the charges, some of the criticism, he leveled against his colleagues. so you will have in that room seated around him the national security adviser, jim jones. you will have secretary gates. secretary clinton. and a host of others who are going to listen, whether or not he will offer his resignation,
9:37 am
whether or not he doesn't have a job. he will be there in that room to answer those questions. the first meeting, first and foremost, obviously, is the one with the president. expected to flakes within moments. >> we heard bob gibbs. he was holding the white house presser when this article -- when he actually handed the article to the president. and basically said the president was angry. we saw the president's response. do you have any idea about the president's mood today as he gets ready to actually have a face-to-face with mcchrystal? >> reporter: what we do know is the primary thing that the president is thinking about now, we know he's angry. we know initially he was very upset with what had happened. we know that his thinking now is whether or not general mcchrystal has so damaged himself or those around him or his reputation, whether or not he can continue forward with credibility here and in advancing the u.s. mission in afghanistan. if that is damaged, if that's
9:38 am
not possible, he cannot keep his job. that's the one determining factor here. the other thing that we know is that the president, we saw him come out measured, saying the very least, he was going listen to the general before he decides his fate. he made point to tell and prepare the american people for his decision. by saying that the focus is on fighting al qaeda and keeping in mind that we have to make sure that the sacrifices and men and women in afghanistan are worth it in this mission. he's preparing the american people for this decision, whether or not mcchrystal goes, this is not just about one man. this is about the mission. that is what the president is focused on today. >> got you. we are following it. let us know if you see the general enter the white house. we will get back to you. appreciate it. want to update you now the oil spill. day 65. the fight of deepwater drilling moratorium. it is in high gear. the white house vowing to appeal the federal judge's ban on the oil drilling. also, the interior secretary
9:39 am
salazar says he will issue a new moratorium and republican governor jindal and democratic landrieu are opposing the moratoriuming saying it hurts the economy. bp's ceo finally has his life back. tony hayward handed over the reins to an american guy, bob dudley. a yank. john roberts talked -- okay. stay with me. john, we will talk about that in just a second. but we just got the live picture of general stanley mcchrystal. the lead man in afghanistan arriving at the white house right now, getting ready for his face-to-face with the president of the united states. you know, he's still the top commander of the afghan war. as you know, the day is young. it is only 9:40 eastern time. the general getting ready to meet with that commander in chief. as as we mentioned, the potential truman/macarthur moment of our time. we see general mcchrystal already now through the gates at
9:40 am
the white house. in case you are just tuning in and you don't know about the "rolling stone" article, bottom line, freelance reporter embedded with the general, off-the-cuff comments made about the president and high level counterparts. suzanne malveaux there at the white house. there they go. they are going to have their face-to-face. general stanley mcchrystal already met with the sec def and chairman of the joint chiefs. interesting to find out how that discussion went but this is where it comes down to the wire. we may find out today if he will still the man in charge in afghanistan. >> reporter: one of the things that we have noticed is obviously in talking with the white house aides and most notably robert gibbs yesterday, very, very critical of general mcchrystal and big questions whether or not he will keep his job. we heard things like his -- he made a profound mistake. that the president wants to know in that face-to-face meeting what on earth was he thinking
9:41 am
and allowing for the remarks to move forward. that all options are on the table here. there are not a lot of people here at the white house who are being he will keep his job but ultimately it is up to his boss, commander in chief, president obama. the president yesterday seems to give himself a little bit of wiggle room here. because from all the other comments, it was just president obama who said, well, let me first listen to what he has to say. i will allow him to explain himself before myself and before those in the national secure team, before i make up my mind. the president wants to be -- cast himself as very deliberate in this process, that he's not prejudging. not surprising. it is a typical obama style, if you will. but that does not mean that he's not ready or willing to let general mcchrystal go. we already know that he has a list in his hand of those potential replacements. the white house asked from the
9:42 am
pentagon. so he is equipped if he makes that decision to, in fact, let him go. we will have to see how the meeting plays out, kyra. >> let us know as soon as you get word of what happens within that meeting. suzanne malveaux, we are standing by waiting for the latest. appreciate it. right up after t break, as we mentioned, bp's ceo tony hayward out. looks like he getting his life back. bob dudley is in. our john roberts had the first interview. guy, b.
9:43 am
9:44 am
bp ceo tony hayward's ce o'finally has his life back. tony hayward handed over the reins to an american guy. >> of all the titles in the business world, one of the most coveted would be president and ceo of a company but when you have been named the president
9:45 am
and ceo of bp's gulf coast restoration organization, you know that tile comes along with the huge challenge. bob dudley is putting in place a permanent organization with that gulf oil spill to better integrate with the join incident command with thad allen. work with ken feinberg. getting payments out of the escrow account and put in place a response infrastructure that will look at this in terms of years as opposed to weeks or months. now, bob dudley comes to the company. he was the managing director, previously worked with amoco, in charge of bp's russian operations. and now he takes over from tony hayward who goes back and gets his life back. we have seen over the past few weeks a real series of gaffes by senior people at bp, tony hayward saying he wanted to get his life back. spotted on his racing yautd over the weekend. the chairman of bp saying the other day that he cares about the small people.
9:46 am
it created an impression that bp is tone deaf to concerns that people on the gulf coast have about what's going on. i asked dudley about that, whether he thought that was the case. >> both of those men are -- one, deeply disturbed by what's happening in the gulf. and fully committed to making sure that bp meets all of its commitments not only now but for years to come. they may have said the wrong things. the chairman's native language is not english. meant small businesses and has been taken and run with. they are fully committed to this as bp's response to what is a tremendous disaster. i think that response, quite frankly, is unusual. to put aside $20 billion to make sure those claims are paid for years to come and restore the gulf. this is the right thing to do for us. >> it has been a real -- a perception over the last 65 days bp is looking after shareholders first and foremost. bob dudley stands in his new
9:47 am
position that he will be looking after stakeholders. >> as you pointed out, mr. dudley is an american. do you think that bp thinks that playing the gate card here is going to help its image? >> you know, it is not saying that that was the reason. but you can't help but believe that that would be a good thrown put bob dudley in charge. he also has not been beset with the foot in mouth disease that other executives at bp have been. he says that -- this is not about pr. bp had horrific public relations problems and having dudley in charge and having an american looking after this as opposed to a brit or swede may be the way to go. >> john roberts. thanks. critical day for the usa at the world cup. they could advance to the second round. it all depends on what they do today. important phone call i made.
9:48 am
>> no question jack
9:49 am
♪ ♪ you can stop the fire burning out of control ♪ big day for the americans at the world cup and south africa. they play algeria in just a few minutes. a win will mean the u.s. can actually advance to the second round. to richard roth who has been on the world cup beat. joining us from new york. i think he just likes going live from a bar at 9:49 in the morning. but that's another story. richard? >> reporter: yes, it is. i don't even drink. world cup fever passion, of course, in this bar, this early in the morning. let's ask chris. what are your hopes for the united states today? what are you worried about? >> i'm worried about england, 0-0 tie. would like to see the u.s. win
9:50 am
2-0 today. two goals. that's what i'm looking for. >> reporter: we will go elsewhere, krya, in this bar. you may bebar, you may be more familiar with this path than i am. >> unlike you, i don't order shirley temples. >> reporter: joseph, what are your thoughts pregame? >> i'm nervous, the u.s.s who never gotten points in this stage. the u.s. has to get tout a fast start. >> reporter: if they tie with england in points and deciders, are you ready to accept the fact that they will draw a lot to determine who advances? >> i think the chances of that happening are very little, but those are the rules and we have to live by the rules. >> reporter: are you supposed to work today? >> i'm about to start working in a few days. i just graduated college. >> reporter: what are you worried about today? >> off to a good start.
9:51 am
we gave up early goals. hopefully we get tuf a better start this time. >> reporter: that's the mood here at a place called stout near the train station. some of these people have flooded her. there are places all over the united states who would normally be somewhere else. united states playing one match, england playing at the same time. both matches affect each other. >> you can make extra money as a bouncer there and check ids. >> reporter: i was asked if i was a bouncer once. >> you'd scare me. richard roth, we will check throughout the afternoon. game starts in about nine minutes. if you had a choice, stop at the red light or get your sick wife to the er asap, one guy
9:52 am
chose life over the law and got in trouble. first, flashback, 1944, on this day, world war ii raging on both fronts. d day happened about two weeks prior. fdr signed the bill of rights authorizing a broad package of benefits for the vets. also this day 1969, judy garland died. she was just 47 years old, by the way. songs like "you do something to me" just part of the legend that lives on. ♪ something that mystifies me
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so, what would you do if nurp his shoes? a chattanooga man, a veteran and paramedic thought his wife might be having a stroke. it was a risk of her cheem e paerp, so he puts her in the car and rushes to the hospital. doesn't feel like he can wait for an ambulance. he ran a couple of lights, had his blinkers on and blew the horn. the cops bust him. they get him for making a scene at the hospital. writes him up for evading arrest, assaulting a cop, seven felonies in all.
9:57 am
driver goes to jail and bails out. the wife lives and the cop now is on administrative leave. we have an update about the story. the chattanooga pd dropped the charges and he wanted to meet with the driver to talk about what happened. we will talk to him next hour. the hover is still on paid leave while the bosses investigate the situation. that's a low price! i'm sorry. did you say something about a low price? wow! that's a low price! i know! [ male announcer ] staples. that was easy. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. ok,♪d her mind.
9:58 am
♪ d ssiliefoow fit ckop t dr, rsretsvethg. ♪ rsmos fwa ft. fit ckop t dr, e w twk. on fm ri, op wh ee dabits acsswwprtrayom
9:59 am
10:00 am
let's check our top stories quickly. hundreds of arizona wildfire evacuees may be allowed back home today. that's the good news. firefighters say that the three-day old blaze is now 20% contained. it's day 65 of the gulf of mexico oil disaster. bp's tony hayward has handed over the reins to an american guy. bob dudley is the guy that's in now. meantime, the barack obama plans to arab new deepwater moratorium in the gulf. a federal judge lifted the ban
10:01 am
yesterday. the course of the war in afghanistan could be changing because of top brass with big mouths. general stanley mcchrystal meeting with president obama at the white house right now, apparently ready to resign over controversy comments in the "rolling stone" magazine. in the article, mcchrystal's adviser calls joe biden bite me and another aide calls jim jones a clown. those loose lips may now sink the general leading the fight in afghanistan. we have more on this stunner of a story. suzanne, let's start with you. the general, we saw just moments ago centering the white house, now meeting with the president. do we know anything at this point? >> reporter: kyra, i want to apologize for all of the background noise. there is a major construction
10:02 am
project at the white house, so bear with us. i talked to a white house official who said the meeting started in ernest. we saw the general arrive here about 9:37 or so. this is a game-changing day, kyra. we know that general mcchrystal is very likely to learn his fate today, that this is not something that white house officials believe should be dragged on. i've also learned from a senior administration official this morning that the white house yesterday asked the pentagon for a list of possible replacements for general mcchrystal in the event that president obama does fire him or does accept his letter of resignation. now, we don't know what is taking place yet inside that room between these two men, and we will have to wait and see. we expect that the white house is not going to do this in drip drab piecemeal fashion. they will get information to us
10:03 am
about what has taken place, but we do know, kyra, that today is going to be a deciding moment and it will be significant in the sense that it will either be this general who will move forward with the u.s. mission in afghanistan or it will be somebody else, but certainly the main focus white house officials say is whether or not general mcchrystal has so damaged his credibility that he is not able to effectively implement or carry out the u.s./afghanistan policy that that is what the president is focusing on. we know that the general has apologized. we know our upset the white house. this is what will be hashed out today. we will know by the end of the day what his fate will be. >> let us know as soon as you have word. if you don't know, there are nearly 100,000 troops serving in afghanistan under general mcchrystal, and it was president
10:04 am
obama who green lighted a surge last year. the president says he wants to start bringing troops home in july 2011. that's just one thing that's adding to political and military tension that's been simmering for years in that zone. nick robertson joining us in dubai. he's on the phone. tension is nothing new when it comes to the president of the united states and general stanley mcchrystal. there is a lot he wanted for a long time he didn't get from the president. >> reporter: time being one of them and troops being another. if you think back a year ago when general mcchrystal sent the defense secretary his review of the situation, he requested more troops. that was leaked to the press, and that was publicly embarrassing for everyone. the underlying tension that you hear about in kabul, and i've heard several seen 84 diplomats express this off the record is
10:05 am
that the time line is a very, very tight time line. they say it's an impossible time line for him to get the sort of results that would allow a continued, full-scale operation to go on in afghanistan. general mcchrystal was preparing for review towards the end of this year, and that would have factored into a decision next summer on the level of drawdown on troops. the assessment is the time frame that needs to be used in afghanistan for their to be tangible results is three, four, five years at a minimum, not six months, and that's one of the underlying tensions that feeds into this disparity of ideas between the white house and what you hear from soldiers in the field. so, no, it's nothing new. it's something we have seen before in this whole conflict in afghanistan, but the tensions right now beneath the surface
10:06 am
are some of the highest. general mcchrystal you see in the field 150% committed. he can do everything he needs to do with his troops, reorganize and restructure, but what he can't do in quick time is affect the afghan government. he spends a lot of time with karzai but it's the time factor that puts the strong pressure on him. >> you were in kandahar earlier this month, and you did spend time with mcchrystal and also his press aide that just got fired. how much time did you get to spend with them and was anything inappropriate ever said in your presence? >> reporter: i didn't think there was anything inappropriate said and obviously, if there was, we would have reported it. but what you can tell from the people around the general, the general has a reputation for rising early, eating one meal a day, running eight miles a day. this clearly after a year in the
10:07 am
field is a huge strain built up on his stave. he just returned from a nato trip to brussels, and there were other operations going on that they were involved in as well. these are people working at full stretch for over a year and around the general, there is a belief that he is the best man for the job, and i think that's widely felt throughout the military and around afghanistan, that he is the best person suited for the job. however, having said that, it creates a situation around him where people are striving to do what he wants under his command, frustrated with what they perceive as a lack of understanding coming from the white house and other political figures, and that feeds into when everyone's tired. perhaps these times are inopportune and things being said, and you can see that in the environment in kandahar a week and a half ago where there's a very, very sort of
10:08 am
high-tempo operation going on around general mcchrystal. general mcchrystal himself when you see him in the field, he seems very relaxed, very at ease in his environment, but the people around him are under a lot of pressure, too, kyra. >> nick robertson, thanks. someone else that knows general mcchrystal very well, retired general russell honore, joining us live from new orleans today. you pointed this out earlier. if he gets the word he is being ousted or he decides to resign, the plan in afghanistan, what's happening there, is his plan. >> absolutely, and, you know, the plan was collectively agreed on by the national security council, and everybody got behind this plan, but stan mcchrystal is the brains behind this plan and that being said, the plan is published. his chain of command knows that.
10:09 am
whether stan makes it back. in my heart i hope he gets to stay in the fight for a while and we make a normal transition between him and whoever is going to replace him, because the big fight that's going to come up needs somebody with a hand on the wheel to keep the small alliance we have and also to keep pulling president karzai across the line and say we need to go in there and control the province. >> now, you have written about this and you actually published a piece as soon as you got word what was happening with general stanley mcchrystal. you point out that you firmly believe you don't mix your personal opinions with your job, but you also well know because had you to deal with katrina. you had to deal with bureaucracy. you had to deal with resources and trying to get funding and everything you needed to try to save that region. mcchrystal is going through the same thing in afghanistan.
10:10 am
he needs resources, support. he is needing a lot more than sometimes he doesn't feel he is getting. it's normal and natural to share personal comments in an environment when you're with your staff, right? >> absolutely. those conversations occur. in this case, it happened publicly and now the world knows about it. that being said, he has to focus on that mission. whoever follows him in command needs to focus on the mission. that's why we have a secretary of defense and central command general petraeus to do his bidding and his fighting. whoever goes down there needs to focus on afghanistan and the relationship with pakistan instead of trying to shape policy back here. i know it's hard to do but those troops are depending on that general to lead them, assure that they have the resources they need and that they have a focused mission. whoever goes in behind him, if that happens, has to focus on
10:11 am
that and leave the policy making to the president and the security team as well as general petraeus to do his bidding back here. >> definitely have a huge impact on rank and file. thank you for your time. if general mcchrystal steps down or is ousted, the white house has reportedly asked the pentagon to put together a list of replacements. here are some of the top contenders. marine general james mattis. he has command and combat experience in iraq and afghanistan, but just last week he was passed over as commandant of the marine corps. then there's john allen, the centcom commander under general petraeus. he commanded the second marine skped dpigsary brigade in iraq. next, david rodriguez, mcstal's number two. he was sent over to manage the war day to day and earlier served as a top military aide to
10:12 am
defense secretary robert gates. also, martin dempsey, commander of army training and dock strin command. next, james stravirdis. we are going to take a look at the pounding water in china in just a moment. covergirl has lightweight coverage just for your skin type. the new look of clean. for normal skin, oil control, and new clean for sensitive skin. so take off that mask and slip into lightweight coverage that really fits. it's makeup that works for you 'cause it's made for you. and you. [ queen ] clean makeup. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. [ female announcer ] help clean makeup bring clean drinking water to kids. details at host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle?
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10:15 am
the weather has not been kind to eastern china. flooding there has left at least 211 people dead, more than 100 missing, and an estimated $6.3 billion in damage. heavy rains in ten provinces have unleashed the rising waters and reportedly affected more than 29 million people in some way. today may be homecoming day for hundreds of people forced out by a wildfire near flagstaff, arizona. it scorched 14,000 acres. calmer winds and cooler temps may have helped the firefighters take on this beast. many people are waiting it out at a middle school in flagstaff. >> rural residents really like our life-style. we like being out and roughing it a little bit. we like our animals a lot and we like our wide open spaces and love the forest.
10:16 am
the saddest thing about this fire is that the forest from this view will never be the same. arizona governor jan brewer says she will seek fema grants to pay for the massive firefighting effort. you have been out there, reynolds and you have seen fees fires. weather plays a huge part in whether they can contain it or not. >> i wish it was better news. 20% contained. you have to pick your battles. 20%, not great but better than yesterday. unfortunately, weather conditions won't be helpful today. we expect low humidity and the winds in the afternoon increasing out of the southwest. some wind gusts approaching 35, and that will fan the flames near flagstaff. dry out there but the opposite for the great lakes. another round of showers and heavy storms and the possibility of tornados in parts of the
10:17 am
world up in the great lakes area. over the last couple of days, we have seen a lot of activity up in the great lakes, upper midwest and portions of the ohio valley. there's a reason for that, a big ridge of high pressure forming off the east coast, and it's bringing the storm track to the north. we have one area of low pressure against the other riding the jet stream like this. that mines we're going to be seeing more of that activity and at the same time, potential for not only strong storms but flash flooding. not of the magnitude that we see in china, but perhaps in ft. wayne, where you have poor drainage. another big problem we have been dealing with is extreme heat, plenty of that in parts of the southeast. when you kban that with the humidity, it makes a hot day unbearable. we can expect temperatures to be cooler in places like new
10:18 am
orleans with temps in the 80s. it will feel warmer when the clouds move off and it will feel muggy. that's the very latest in the forecast. >> thank you. new home sales hit a record low. but you don't have to. thanks to secret flawless renewal... with odor-absorbing micro capsules that capture... odor and release a fresh scent. it's still working, so you can stop checking.
10:19 am
10:20 am
high arches. (announcer) people everywhere are discovering what's going on with their feet. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. backed by foot care scientists, its foot mapping technology identifies the areas you put pressure on then recommends the right orthotic. for locations see the housing market, that's what got us into the mess of a recession. things had been getting better, and the economy was recovering, but yesterday a weak report on the home sales just came out. a few minutes ago, another report was released.
10:21 am
alison kosic has the report. >> downbeat number here. the number of new homes sold in may plunged by more than 30%. those sales hit a record low, definitely far worse than expected and this comes after the government tax credit expired in april. it's because demand is drying up without having the incentive in place. you can see a ripple effect start throughout the economy. having fewer newer homes doesn't create jobs, especially in construction. also, less taxes will be collected by government. the impact winds up hurting everybody. retailers, lumber companies, manufacturers. you see a whole ripple effect throughout the broader economy. >> where are we going from here?
10:22 am
10:23 am
now, to the oil disaster in the gulf. it's day 65, and bp's operation to stop the gusher is under new management. tony hayward is out, bp's bob dudley is in. the government is trying to fight a battle to keep the six-month moratorium on place. to the white house, quickly -- quick. talk about quick. that was a pretty quick meeting. that was just about 20 we'll try and get word to find out if, indeed, the general is
10:24 am
still going to keep his job or not. he said he was ready to resign. we heard from robert gibbs says that the decision as to whether president obama was going to ask him to leave his post or not was still in question. the president made it clear he wanted to meet face to face with general mcchrystal. if you're new to this story, a "rolling stone" magazine article that is coming out friday -- this is the copy we got. we got an early release of it. this freelance reporter, michael hastings had quoted a number of the general's close advisers making derogatory comments about lead members of the president's national security team, pretty scathing article. we want to point out, though, that in that article, that general stanley mcchrystal does not directly criticize obama, but the comments made by members of his staff are pretty
10:25 am
outrageous. jim jones being called a clown and also other comments about key leaders, including joe biden as well, called bite me, all by close aides to general mcchrystal. not good for the general who is leading the fight in afghanistan. as you saw, not a long meeting between the president of the united states and the head general in afghanistan. don't know his fate. don't know if he was fired or resigned. we will try to find out from the white house. cone on, kiddo, let's go. hold on a second... come on up here, where your brothers sit. wow! chevy traverse. a consumers digest best buy, with a 100,000 mile, powertrain warranty. it seats eight comfortably - not that it always has to. now, get 0% apr for 60 months on a 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty four hundred dollars.
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wrench? wrench.
10:28 am
basic. preferred. okay. at meineke i have options, and 50% off brake pads and shoes. my money. my choice. my meineke. that meeting only lasted about 30 minutes, and then he left. you are looking at general stanley mcchrystal right there leaving the white house after meeting face to face with the president of the united states about his fate. what we want to know now, is he
10:29 am
going to keep his job or has he been fired? has he resigned? ultimately, that's the question. we don't know. what we do n.o.w. know is that there was a scheduled national security meeting, basically a war planning meeting at 11:30 eastern time, about an hour from now. that is something that stanley mcchrystal is usually attending, leading with his key advisers there, the president's key advisers there in the situation room, and obviously he has not stayed for that. don't know thou read into that. we have not gotten word yet if general stanley mcchrystal has resigned as the head of the afghan war in afghanistan or if the president has fired him from that job. if you're just tuning in to this story, here's the bottom line. a freelance reporter from "rolling stone" was embedded with general stanley mcchrystal in afghanistan, and an early
10:30 am
release of that article came out yesterday. the president saw it, and he was angry. why was he angry? a number of disparaging remarks made about the president and about members of the president's high level staff by very close aides to general stanley mcchrystal. want to point out mcchrystal in the article never directly criticized president obama, but a number of his staff members have said comments. for example, calling joe biden bite me. that was one quote in the article. another one calling jim jones a clown. just getting word now, could you tell me the secretary of defense arriving at the white house? i'm just being told that the secretary of defense, bob gates, arrived there at the white house. it was just previous to that meeting with the president that general stanley mcchrystal went to the pentagon to meet with bob
10:31 am
gates, secretary of defense and also admiral mike mullen, the chair of the joint chiefs. don't know exactly what happened at that meeting, but he left from there, went to the white house, arrived there about 9:51 eastern time, and in less than 30 minutes, general stanley mcchrystal seen leaving the white house and not staying for his war planning meeting there in the situation room. trying to find out if indeed he is still the top man in afghanistan or not. [ female announcer ] accountants do it by the numbers made a cup of premium starbucks via ready brew. he secretly shared it with i heart accountants. sadly the rendezvous was soon sniffed out. premium starbucks via ready brew. now available wherever you buy groceries. ♪
10:32 am
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ould neutrogena® cosmetics you go next if you had a hoveround power chair?
10:34 am
being gay good and being parents is not new but it's still a controversial topic.
10:35 am
just ask gary and tony. they're the focus of you are cnn documentary set to debut tomorrow evening. a new study has just been released showing hout successful lesbian parents are. researchers from ucla tracked lesbian parents and their children for 24 years. it reveals that the kids from lesbian mothers actually rated higher than their beats in social academic and overall competence than their peers. this woman was raised by a lesbian mother and is out with a new book talking about that and not only this. the title is bitch is the new black. i got to say it. the only time i get to say the "b" word. her mom is joining us, too. you are going to have to explain
10:36 am
the title because when it was mentioned in the meeting, everybody said what did did you say? bitch is the new black. what does that mean. >> tina fey said it during the elections in reference to hillary clinton. it is in vogue. as i was writing the memoir, i thought it was great to talk about modern feminism. about whether or not women are perceive'd as a bitch in the workplace. i thought it was a great title to grab your attention. >> would you refer to your daughter as the "b" word? >> even just telling her grandmother and the older aunts, just telling hem the name of the book is "bitch." it's a spoof to the tina fey
10:37 am
play on it as well as well as, you know, the fact that women go about their lives, set their bars, set their goals, and they get there and say, this is what i want from my life. am i being a bitch about it. this is where i'm going. >> it's hard to be bitches. that's okay. you talk so much about being a successful black woman, how difficult it is, finding love. it's the cross between bridgette jones' direry and sex and the city. you touch on sexuality, which is why we have you and mom. it's a fabulous part of the book and is a great story to tell. you write in the book that you found love letters from your dad to your mom. in one he said he missed her and hoped she hadn't been taking too
10:38 am
many showers with girls. i found out she was not just wonderfully different but she was gay. how did you handle the revelation that mom was gay? >> i think i was about 7 then. the fact of the matter is she lived with a woman before. we lived with a woman and her son. we were going to move to spain at one point and my grandmother had a problem with it, and we didn't. we moved to catalina at the time. i knew she had relationships with women but i didn't know it was different. i didn't know other mothers didn't do it. i had friends with moms and dads, some who just had dads or just had moms. i didn't think it was strange or different that she had relationships with women. i didn't know the word gay. when i was 7, i came to her with the bible. >> how many times have you heard that, mom petraeus. >> over and over. it's a constant throw in the
10:39 am
face but at that time i even told her, you have to understand, the bible is a book about a culture of people at a time and this is how the government ruled and things were laid down. >> were you ready to know that at that moment. you knew your daughter was going to say, i have two mommies, not a mom and dad what does this mean? were you ready for that and how did you prepare for that? >> i had her as a lesbian woman. her father, we knew each other since seventh, eighth grade. we grew up in the neighborhood together. it was definitely a decision that i had made. i wanted a child. her name was on her baby shower cake, helena, we're waiting for you. what can i say? it wasn't even an issue in terms of being a lesbian and
10:40 am
parenting. i had been parented. my mother raised eight kids, and we were all well-adjusted and coming out and doing life as we saw it. i didn't see any difference in the household. even in the oral, they are saying there is sometimes lack or not so much the play between, you know, power struggles, but lesbian women, women themselves, they have more effeminate lesbians and more masculine lesbians, with more manley energy. >> there can be aggression in a lesbian household just like any other household. >> let me ask you because you also write in the book -- talk about watching the cosby show. i longed to live like the huxtables but i would have liked to have lived next to them, somewhere in the life that we floated away from. why did you feel that way?
10:41 am
>> it's funny. we lived in catalina. we were the only black people that lived there. >> at the time. >> i grew up in the area, so i know what you're saying. >> not only was i the only black child, but i'm pretty sure i was the only child of a lesbian that lived on the island. >> you have a lot going on. >> it was doubly different, so the cosby show was something i could watch. i got tweets from other women saying it was the same thing for me and they wchbt raised by lesbians. when you were a child and you can watch the cosbys like children now watch the obamas in the white house, you say, i want that. part of it made me feel safe. yes, there are other black people that do exist. there are other black people out there. kids don't want to feel different, and sometimes it's hard. at the end of the day -- and i
10:42 am
talked to my mother about the study that came out in terms of lesbian children being better adjusted. as she said earlier, she really wanted a child. she fought for it. she was 29. she likes to point out that is the same age i am today. >> cut her a break. she wrote a book. >> she wanted a child. she was invested in my life. she was at every recital and made costumes. >> we lived in catalina. when we got there, there was no organization for kids to explore things. helena had a lot of artistic ability. i started an organization that still exists today. i have a plaque and the whole thing, you know. but what i really wantped at that time was to exchange the catalina culture with the los angeles culture which i was involved in before i left los
10:43 am
angeles. we did this exchange. i had a woman who worked in carver city, and we exchanged kids and did performances on different islands. it was the best life for her because as a child growing up, i grew up in a small community in compton, california. we knew everyone in the neighborhood. we played and everyone gathered. >> the point you're making, whether gay, straight, it doesn't matter. you can str a loving family dynamic. >> an extended family is important. >> it doesn't have to be the huxtable family. >> they do exist. >> yes, they do. let me ask you this, because you joke. you say you had your daughter at 29 and you are pointing out, come on, girlfriend, i want grandkids. >> why do you think i had you. >> what did you learn from your mom and your mom's relationships about love.
10:44 am
i know you learned something special about that, even though you haven't found your love yet, you learned a lot about it from your mom. >> being her child, i think that has been unconditional, and she has sacrificed so much. >> from her parenting. >> exactly, to make sure i have everything i wanted, and i know i want that. whoever i end up with, if we decide to have children, i want to make sure that i am really invested. i think that's the biggest lessen from her as a mother teaching me is that when you have a child, you really invest, and if you work hard at that -- i think i turned out pretty great. >> i said, i don't have a retirement plan but i have a major investment here. >> and, you know what, she has a pretty powerful book. go beyond the title and see what it is about. it's fantastic. a great read. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> we will take this opportunity
10:45 am
to talk about the concept of family can mean one thing to you and another to someone else. we just discussed that here with the andrews. soledad o'brien will follow a same sex couple and their obstacles to try to become parents. watch "gary and tony have a baby" thursday 8:00 eastern. only two matter: ine, red and black. red, well, no one wants that. black on the other hand, has strength. black is always in style. it's what business looks best in. black is where growth and success happen, and it's easier to get there and stay there in ontario, canada, especially with our competitive tax rate. ♪ ontario, canada - the world works here.
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breaking news that we're following for you right now, the fate of general stanley mcchrystal, the main man leading the war in afghanistan. will we keep his job or not? we still don't know. this is him leaving the white house after meeting with the president for just shy of 30 minutes. he actually didn't even stay for his war planning meeting>?hñó?h in the situation room. doesn't look too good. that's something that obviously he is a major part of. so, we're trying to read through the tea leaves but apparently the president is going to make an announcement any minute now. we are waiting for him to step up to the mike. we will take that live. hopefully we will know soon if general stanley mcchrystal will keep his job or not. it's been three months since the historic health care reform act was passed and we're seeing new rules take effect.
10:48 am
president obama is not letting insurers off the hook. >> today i'm announcing that the departments of health and human services, labor and treasury are issuing new regulations under the affordable care act to put an end to some of the worst practices in the insurance industry and put in place the strongest consumer protections in our history, finally what amounts to a true patients' bill of rights. >> our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has been following the updates. the president mentions getting rid of the worst practices, right? >> right. practices that you and i talked a lot about during health care reform. >> day in and out. >> right. things people considered really egreechings, and he highlighted those when he made his announcement yesterday. let's take a look at practices that are supposed to end. children are supposed to get coverage for pre-existing conditions. there's supposed to be no
10:49 am
lifetime coverage limits. cancer patients would get this. they would say, you spent your million dollars, you are done and there's supposed to be no cancellation of policies when you get sick. your insurer takes your premiums and says, oh, you're sick, we don't want to insure you anymore. these are among the first things that are going to happen under health care reform is getting rid of these practices, and these changes are supposed to be made on september 23rd. that's when we are supposed to see the first measures being put into place. >> how do you make sure the insurance companies do what they're supposed to do? >> it was interesting because we were on the phone with kathleen sebelius and people from hhs. they didn't talk about that. how do you know if an insurance company says no to someone who they are not supposed to say no to? what is that person supposed to do? it is not clear how there is going to be enforcement of all
10:50 am
these rules. it's not entirely clear what the consequences are going to be if an insurance breaks them. everybody has a story about a struggle with an insurance company, and we all know when they do something they are not supposed to do, it is tough to hold them accountable. >> we also know there is a lot of ris assistance and there still is. how strong is it? >> it's still out there but you don't see anyone trying to go back to congress in a big way and trying to get it reversed. yesterday, michael steele head of the rnc called it taxpayer funded propaganda campaign. there are people who don't like it but not a huge effort to get it reversed from what we can see. you know what, when the life is on a line, the red light can wait, don't you think? the chattanooga police department seems to agree. we are going to talk with a husband who broke the law to save a life.
10:51 am
10:52 am
a big shout out to the chattanooga pd, snatching a common sense victory from the jaws of defeat. the department has dropped all of the charges against a man who ran a couple of red lights driving his sick wife to the er. he thought she was having a stroke. jesse wright also has his job back. the hospital where he works
10:53 am
suspended him because of the charges. the cop is still on unpaid leave. jesse, first of all, how is your wife doing? >> she's doing much better. most of the symptoms have resolved. she still has a little residual left-sided weakness. >> as we monitor her condition, tell us about that night. you're a paramedic. you knew this didn't look good. why didn't you call a ambulance? >> we both work at the hospital and live close by. i knew there was nothing an ambulance crew could do. getting her to the hospital was an immediate need and i could drive her their more quickly than an ambulance would take. >> were you able to explain that to the cop when you were pulled over to running the red lights? >> i never had a chance. when we stopped at the hospital, the police officer approached me and never asked about my wife's condition, never paid attention to her at all. he just stated i was going to jail. >> the cop states in his report
10:54 am
that you pushed him, scraped his arm you can yelled at him, told him you were an emt and had an emergency. what was his response when you did that? >> we never had any physical contact at all. i scooped my wife up in my arms. she's a left leg amputee due to cancer. i was shocked when he approached me in that manner and didn't seem to express concern or understanding of the situation at all. >> the police say they want to meet with you now. what do you make of that? do you want to do that? do you think it's a good idea? >> i'm willing to meet with the chief of police and the officer involved. we want to come up with ways to prevent this from happening again. >> bottom line, we've had interesting response to the story. the first reaction, he's a vet, worried about his wife, he did
10:55 am
everything as safely as he could. honking your horn, had your blinkers on, operating as an ambulance driver. others say, no matter what, you shouldn't break the law. what do you say to those that think you didn't do the right thing, jesse? >> well, beyond doing everything i could to be as safe as possible besides stopping at the red lights before proceeding, when it comes down to it, when a life is on the line, that takes precedence. i believe many laws in states expresses that in writing when an emergency situation is taking place, that trumps other traffic laws and various other ordinances. >> jesse wright, we're glad the charges are dropped, and we're glad that your wife is in your arms safely. appreciate you calling in. >> breaking news we have been following for the past couple of hours. what is going to happen to
10:56 am
general stanley mcchrystal, the main man leading the war in afghanistan. he met with the president just about less than 30 minutes ago. suzanne malveaux was there when he arrived and left. do we know anything that happened? we know the president is going to step up to the mike soon, but do we know if the general still has a job? >> reporter: we don't know yet whether or not the general still has a job. we know there is it a meeting scheduled in the situation room at 11:45. i spoke to officials who do not know whether he will return to that meeting but we know he did leave the white house about 10:23 after a meeting that lasted about 30 minutes inside. we know they were making arrangements to the president to make a public statement today regarding his meeting with general mcchrystal. they are working out those details as we speak. there have been times as you can imagine when you are camping outside robert gibbs' office and
10:57 am
trying to read the tea leaves. we know he is not going back to his office for about 30 minutes. there is a lot of behind the scenes planning as we speak to try to figure out how to unfold and brief all of us together on just what transpired during that meeting but. is very clearly that today is a game changer. this is the day we find out not only what the fate of general mcchrystal is but also where the u.s. mission in afghanistan will go forward. >> we should point out in about 30 minutes is supposed to be a key meeting in the situation room, national security meeting, a war planning meeting, something that stanley mcchrystal, of course, would be involved of with, and he's left the white house. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, and some people would look at that and think, perhaps he's no longer the commander of that mission, but we're not clear yet, kyra, whether or not he will come back to the white house and attend that meeting.
10:58 am
at the very least, to make some sort of statement to those who have been insulted, to talk about the process or talk about something. we do know that general mcchrystal has reached out individually to a lot of those folks in the meeting, secretaries clinton, gates, the national security adviser, jim jones, for instance, people who were impaukted by that "rolling stone" article. so we don't yet know whether or not he still has his job. we know the president is going to talk about that. he's going to explain his position, why he took that position, and that is going to unfold as this day goes on. kyra? >> suzanne malveaux waiting for the fate of general stanley mcchrystal. that does it for us. well-being.
10:59 am
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